Seminar on ‘Machine Learning’


Seminar on ‘Machine Learning’

OneTickCDC, the best IT training institute in Faridabad, curated a seminar on 15th May 2023, focusing on the intriguing field of “Machine Learning.” The seminar was held at the esteemed Rawal Institutions and featured Ashman Malhotra and Manish Rana as distinguished speakers. Malhotra and Rana covered a wide array of topics, ranging from the core concepts of machine learning to data preprocessing, model training techniques, and effective evaluation strategies. The seminar went beyond mere theory, encouraging active participation and encouraging attendees to seek personalized insights and guidance from the speakers. OneTickCDC’s dedication to providing cutting-edge training was evident throughout the seminar, equipping participants with practical knowledge, industry-relevant practices, and the motivation to apply machine learning in their works.

Event Information

  • Date :

    May 14, 2023

  • Topic :

    Machine Learning

  • Venue :

    Rawal Institutions

  • Speaker :

    Ashman Malhotra and Manish Rana


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