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Join OneTick CDC’s Data Science course in Faridabad for a comprehensive training program covering the entire Data Science lifecycle, from Data Collection to deploying the solution to the customer. Our course covers skills and tools including Statistical Analysis, Text Mining, Regression Modelling, Hypothesis Testing, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Modelling, R Studio, Tableau, Spark, Hadoop, and programming languages such as R programming and Python. With over 400+ participants placed in multinational companies including E&Y, Panasonic, Accenture, VMWare, Infosys, IBM, etc., OneTick CDC is considered the best Data Science training institute in Faridabad, offering both training and placement services. Enroll in our program today and gain the skills necessary for a successful career in Data Science.

data science course in faridabad

What will you learn in this data science course?

Many aspiring data scientists opt for a data science career because they deem data science an IT job and believe it to be lucrative. However, the accurate picture is a lot different. Data science is an IT-enabled job that requires you to know all IT concepts properly, along with all data science concepts.

The Data Science 360 course has a robust curriculum that prepares you for both an IT and a data science career. You will learn everything-data in four parts, as follows:


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The first part is all about learning how to analyze and visualize data. The sub-parts in this section are:

Building blocks:

You will start with learning about the basic concepts that will form the foundation of your skills. This section will cover programming skills and introduce you to basic statistics. Simultaneously, you will learn about RDBMS & SQL and mathematical foundations.

Data analytics with Excel:

You will already be introduced to Excel in the foundation section. Next, you will learn how to manipulate data using Excel functions, analyze data and report it, and get hands-on training in visually representing data. Add to this;you will learn about dashboards and how to create

Data analytics with SQL:

In this part, you specifically learn about data manipulations and DDL commands, how to access data from multiple tables using SELECT, and advanced SQL. In this part, you get the scope to apply your learnings to a business case study.

Data visualization and analytics with Tableau:

Moving on to deeper learning, in this section, you learn about data handling, building advanced reports/maps, table calculations, and building interactive dashboards. There are several other concepts that you master, like building stories and sharing your work with others.

Data analytics using VBA:

This module's last part is an eLearning section. Concepts like understanding how VBA works with excel, key components of programming, programming constructs of VBA, and more are covered in this section.Once you get a grip on all the basic concepts, you move on to the next part: Python for data science.

R for data science

Concepts like data importing and exporting, data manipulation, data analysis, using R with databases, and data visualization with R are covered. Several parts are specifically tagged as eLearning, meaning even if you are enrolled for a classroom session, these particular modules will be taught online.

Python for data science:

In this, you learn the core essentials of Python. From data cleaning to analysis and visualization, you learn how to do all of it using Python. You are introduced to advanced visualization tools, statistical methods, hypothesis testing, and visualizing geospatial data.

Predictive modeling with Python:

Here, you first get introduced to predictive modeling and machine learning. You learn all about the different phases of predictive modeling, data exploration, and more. Then you move on to learn how to solve regression problems, going over concepts

Machine learning with Python:

Moving on to more advanced concepts, this part introduces you to a variety of machine learning algorithms, stages of an ML project, ML-Ops, and time series forecasting science course at a very nominal fee.

How We Work

Course Fees & Structure: We offer an affordable fee structure for our courses, but the fees vary depending on the course and its duration.

Data Science Certifications and Scholarship opportunities in Faridabad: All data science courses offered by OneTick CDC are backed by an industry-accredited certificate

data science course in faridabad

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Data Science Training Certification


Aspiring candidates from diverse quantitative backgrounds such as Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Business Management who seek to begin their career in the Data Science field should opt for Data Science certification training provided by OneTickCDC in Faridabad.

course certificate

Data Science Job Role

data analyst course in faridabad

Analytics Consultant

data analyst course in faridabad

Business Analyst

data analyst course in faridabad

Data Analyst

data analyst course in faridabad

Data Science Consultant

data analyst course in faridabad

Data Visualization Analyst

data analyst course in faridabad

MIS Analyst

data analyst course in faridabad

Statistical Analyst

data analyst course in faridabad

Data Scientist



As such, there is no prerequisite for undertaking this training. However, it is highly desirable if you possess the following skills sets

  1. Mathematical and Analytical expertise
  2. Good critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  3. Technical knowledge of Python, R and SAS tools
  4. Communication skills

Data Science has become the spine around which crucial company decisions are made. Organizations are paying top dollars to recruit Business Analytics professionals and the demand is only going to increase with the influx of data from new sources. The career roles that you can cherry pick are

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Research Analyst
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Data Analyst
  5. Big Data Analytics Specialist
  6. Business Analyst Consultant / Manager

Yes, after successfully completing the course you will be awarded a course completion certificate from OneTick CDC.

The different payment methods accepted by us are

  1. Cash
  2. Net Banking
  3. Cheque
  4. Debit Card
  5. Credit Card
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